Pro-Fix / ProBids About Us

Pro-Fix and ProBids is great web and mobile software tool to find service contractors, repair professionals, remodeling contractors, and handyman. User that need home, office or property repairs (or service) can simply post a picture of what they need repaired. Service contractors, home repair professionals, and handymen can be matched to a repair posting and bid or respond to earn more work. Pro-Fix and ProBids is an easy a way to connect your business to contractor and repair opportunities. We pull results from cities around the country and tune them according to your needs. Whether it's a basic need by a casual customer, or a major government bidding contract, Pro-Fix has the opportunities you need to support your business.

The Pro-Fix and ProBids app is a great tool for:

Home, Office, Property Repair Needs:
• post your repair needs;
• matching contractors to repair needs;
• find and match contractors near you;
• find repair professionals by trade and service categories;
• find service contractors & home remodelers;
• find commercial contractors;
• find maintenance professionals;
• find roofing, siding, window, doors, kitchen, bathroom, flooring Contractors (and more);
• post repairs and receive bids and quotes from contractors;
• review and rate contractors and service professionals online;
Service Contractors and Repair Professionals:
• find work by trade & service category;
• matching contractors to repair needs;
• bid on opportunities to obtain more work;
• schedule your jobs;
• interact with customers, staff subcontractors;
• bids on repairs for real estate, office, buildings, and properties;
• advertising based on trade category;
• mapping and routing of opportunities;
• optimize routes to pick up more work while out on location;
• request payment from customers;
• great for realtors, commercial property managers and facility maintenance managers;

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